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Executive Summary

Jonathan Sevilla, CE, M.ASEP


"We (GSL Group + Partners - Inc.) are a firm believer of the principle repeat clients, which gave us the reason to place high value in safety, quality, integrity and teamwork."

Jonathan Sevilla has more than 25 years of " professional experience in both technical and management in the filed of architectural, civil, and structural engineering. He is the Chairman & CEO, and acting as Managing Director for Engineering and Construction Services Group. He's an active member os Assoc iation of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) as a Regular Member and ASEP Committt e m e m b er of the 2010 National Struct u r a l C ode of the Philippines for Steel. He prefer red to stayed hands-on on the companies projects that's w hy he used the title "Engineer i n g Manager" in his business card. He's also an active member of American Insti tute for Steel Construc tion and authored sever al technical papers presented in Interna tional Conventions.

The 21st century is a century of strict and tight competion for businesses in terms of quality of products, services and business execution. Globalization and information technology have changed the old fashioned way of handling business as it made the ground even to all players, which surfaced and recognized the talents of not only in west countries but gave emphasis on what other individuals from all corners of the earth can contribute for the betterment in many aspects of different business industries. Australia, Middle East, African countries, South America and Asia emerged as strong participants in the development of science, engineering, computer software and hardware, to name a few. In order for a business to keep up with the phase and serve their clients in a global scale, company leaders should have a global business experience and exposure so that they can measure the bar that has already been set. GSL Group + Partners - Inc. is composed and offering of 150 years, combined global and international standard of technical and management experiences in the areas of architecture, engineering, project management, construction and business execution. GSL Group + Partners - Inc. is a firm believer of the principle "repeat clients", which gave us the reason to place high value in safety, quality, integrity and teamwork.